Troop 245

Summer Camp Checklist


Get a copy of the health form and get it filled out.
Note:  Starting last year, health forms are now valid for one year only.  You need part B filled and signed by a doctor after 1/1/2010


Check the list of merit badges and special programs offered and pick the ones that you want to sign up for. 

(Terry and Geoff will work with the boys at camp to ensure an appropriate schedule)

Packing List

A completed health form.

Everything (except food) needs to be packed in a backpack.

Full uniform -- scouts should show up Sunday wearing the full, class A uniform -- shirt, scout pants, neckerchief and slide.  Do not pack the uniform, it will be worn on the trip up.

Usual scout essentials:
 Sleeping bag
 ... and pad for insulation
 Light rain gear (disposable poncho works great)
 First aid kit
 Pocket knife
 Water bottle
 Waterproof matches or lighter
 Change of clothes for 5 days

Usual camping gear
 Knit hat (for sleeping)
 Mess kit, stove, fuel

Special for this trip
 Bathing suit
 Sun protection
 scout book
 2 pencils
 mosquito repellent
 spending money*

 day pack

* - A modest amount for the camp store for merit badge supplies, candy, etc.  $20-30 should be plenty